Class of 2018

Anam Whyne (Chief resident): working at Unity Health Care, Osteopathic preceptor, Clinical Assistant Professor at ATSU

University of North Texas Health Science Center – Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

I went into family medicine because of my interests in community and social medicine. Jack Geiger, MD famously said, "the last time I checked my textbooks the specific therapy for malnutrition was, in fact, food." At Unity, I found a community health clinic and residency program focused social determinants of health so often forgotten. At this residency program, I found a place where I would not only learn the medical knowledge needed to be a family medicine physician, but would also learn the multifactorial approach needed to truly help people along their paths to better health. This program allows me to pursue my passions in women's reproductive care, adolescent medicine, advocacy, and community medicine. Outside of medicine, I love traveling with my husband, staying connected with family and friends, finding new cuisines to try, or catching a sports game.

Ashley Morgan Wilhelm: working at Unity Health Care

University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

What I wanted in residency was to train at a community health center, focusing on true primary care imbedded in the community.  Unity offers a diversity of training opportunities and a diversity of patients.   We have the opportunity to work with and get to know "the invisible" residents of Washington, DC: the dishwashers, the office cleaners, the asylum-seekers, the homeless, the inmates in the DC jail, all infusing a richness to our training that makes our program unique. While I love all aspects of family medicine, I'm particularly interested in homeless medicine, reproductive health care, and immigrant/international medicine. In my free time, I ring in a handbell choir and try to get animals adopted from the Humane Rescue Alliance.

Suzy Wilson (Chief resident): working at Kaiser DC 

New York College of Osteopathic Medicine 

I came to Unity because of the mission of promoting healthier communities through compassion and comprehensive health and human services, regardless of ability to pay. I enjoy practicing Family Medicine in urban settings, especially at Patient-Centered Medical Homes such as the ones at Unity. What I like most about this program is our strong commitment to community medicine and continuity of care. I love learning my patients' stories and growing with them and their families. In my spare time, I enjoy the dining scene around DC and traveling.