What to Expect

Who can be seen at the Teen Clinic?
The clinic is for any male or female aged 13-21 years old. Teens of any sexual orientation are welcome.
Check-in with a Patient Registration Clerk
At your appointment time, a Medical Assistant will get you ready to see the provider by getting your height, weight, blood pressure and temperature. You’ll be asked a few questions to get a better understanding of the purpose of your visit.

Next, a Medical Provider will listen to your concerns, ask you more questions and do an exam.

At the end of your visit, you can meet with a Nurse Health Educator to talk one-on-one about teen issues and answer any questions you may have. If you need help learning about different types of resources that are available to teens, you can meet with our Case Manager who will be glad to assist you.
After your visit, we can schedule a follow-up appointment or give you any referrals that may be needed.

What to Bring

• Photo ID (if you have one)
• Insurance information (if you have insurance)
• List of medications you are currently taking
Unity Health Care provides people in Washington, DC with quality health care regardless of ability to pay. For those who can pay, a sliding scale based on family size and income is used to determine the appropriate amount. Unity Health Care accepts Medicaid, Medicare, Managed Care Organizations, DC Healthcare Alliance (AmeriHealth, MedStar, Family Choice, Trusted Health Plan), and other private insurance plans.


Do I have to make an appointment?
We suggest you make an appointment, but walk-ins are welcome!
How long will my appointment last?
Your appointment may take 15 to 30 minutes.
Can I still be seen without insurance?
Yes, you can!
Do parents need to be present for medical services?
If you are under 18 years old, we will need parental consent. Your parent or guardian can join you at the appointment or you can provide us with one of the following:

  • Note from your parent or legal guardian giving permission to be seen at the teen clinic.
  • Completed Parental Consent Form to Provide Care to a Minor or an Adolescent Treatment Consent Form
  • If you do not have the form or a note the provider can attempt to call your parent or guardian to get a consent for your visit.

Do parents need to be present for confidential services?

For these services (please see above), current DC law allows you to be seen at the clinic without a parent or guardian’s permission. However, we do encourage you to talk to your parent or guardian about your health concerns.
Do you provide interpreter services?
Yes, services are provided through our Interpreter Services Hotline.
Can I bring someone with me?
Of course! We encourage you to bring a friend, family member, or partner to the Teen Clinic to help you feel more comfortable.

Our Services

Our teen clinic provides the following medical services:
+ Physical exams for school, sports, camp
+ Treatment for acute & chronic illness & injuries
+ Vision/hearing screenings & follow up
+ Dental services
+ Immunizations
+ Basic laboratory services & tests
+ Administration of medication
+ Referrals for specialty services
Confidential Services:
+ Reproductive and sexual health care
+ STI/HIV testing, treatment, counseling, education
+ Substance abuse screening and treatment
+ Mental health care
+ Family planning and birth control (education, counseling, on site-dispense and prescription)
     - Pregnancy testing and counseling
     - Birth control available:
        Progestin implant (Nexplanon)
        Birth control pills
        Birth control patch
        Birth control shot (Depo-provera)
        Birth control vaginal ring (Nuva ring)
        Morning after pill (emergency contraception)
        Male and female condoms

Medical Services: Need parental consent. Please see below.
Confidential Services: Current DC law allows for teens in the District of Columbia to self consent for health services related to contraception/birth control, prenatal care, screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, treatment for alcohol and/or drug services, outpatient mental health services.

View DC Minor Consent
*District of Columbia Municipal Regulations/Title 22/Section 600/Public Health and Medicine (August 1986)