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It is important as caregivers, that we take care of ourselves.  So often, we are focused on the well-being and care of others: family members, friends, patients – and lose self-awareness.  Your Total Rewards Team is focused on ensuring you have the tools you need to get through these challenging times.  Here you will find daily resources for you to decompress. Check back in for brain-teasers called “Mind-Melds,” stress relievers called “Mindfulness Moments,” and health care resources “To Your Health.”

The goal is to provide you with a safe space” to reconnect with your inner self and effective resources to maintain a healthy mental state.

Today's Mind Meld!

Please think outside the box!

Think you have the right answer? Send an email to jfthoi@unityhealthcare.org to find out! 

Mind Meld 5.22

Guess The Baby? Who is this on EEE Team?

Think you have the right answer? Send an email to jfthoi@unityhealthcare.org to find out! 

EEE Guess the baby- befunky


The answer for last week's Premium Mind Meld was: "416723".

Please email jfthoi@unityhealthcare.org if you would like the answer's explanation.

Beat the Stress

Virtual edition brought to you by Kaiser Permanente & Unity Health Care. Join us for a series of online classes to help combat stress and gain resiliency while navigating these unprecedented times of COVID-19.

Mindfulness Moments

Insight Timer - Take a moment to download this app and read the “Tools to Overcome Stress from COVID19.”  The app features guided meditations, music and talks posted by contributing experts. 

CareFirst recognizes that exercising at home is a big part of the new normal. To meet our members where they are, Sharecare is now offering a 12-week, instructor-led fitness program. We all know it’s important to stretch, strengthen, and sweat, and our new program, led by celebrity trainer David Buer, is designed to do just that with exercises focusing on core, balance, and resistance body movement.

The workouts are also progressive, which means that each week’s workout builds on the one before it—in difficulty, intensity, and fun! 

Please click here CareFirst Share Care Fitness Program for more details! 


Sharecare Fitness Program

Medical Insurance Coverage During COVID19

Both CareFirst and Kaiser are providing COVID19 testing for all members and their enrolled dependents.  Additionally, both CareFirst an Kaiser have telemedicine visits for member to reduce your need to physically go in for care, unless it is an emergency, recommended by your PCP or absolutely necessary.  Both costs for COVID19 testing and telemedicine services are of no cost to our CareFirst and Kaiser members.  The insurance carriers are covering these cost at 100%.  Remember, mental health visits are also eligible through telemedicine, so do not hesitate to set up a visit today for you or your covered dependents, if needed.

COVID-19 resource page
Telemedicine information


Maryland, Virginia, and DC
COVID-19 resource page
Telehealth information 

Should you have questions and/or need assistance, do not hesitate to contact your Total Rewards Team at 202-741-5615 or email us at Benefits2@unityhealthcare.org.

Quick Links

Unity’s Employee Experience and Engagement (EEE) Team understands that the isolation you experience from quarantine and mandatory stay-at-home orders can be a major source of anxiety.  Our Inova Employee Assistance partners have shared valuable tips regarding how to manage stress, uncertainty and positive ways to quarantine with kids.  Don’t let social distancing cause you to lose contact.  We are all in this together!

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) www.inova.org/eap 
Username: unity
Password: unity*Currently offering an online seminar on "Effective Communication with Children". Click here to learn more. 

Inova Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Contact Information:

Confidential Assistance, 24/7                      1.800.346.0110

TDD# for the hearing impaired                   1.877.845.6465

Access online resources and services     inova.org/eap

Employees enrolled in Unity Health Care's Kaiser or CareFirst Medical Plans need to only pick up the phone and dial one of the numbers below to access mental health services.  Mental Health Services is only a phone call away...

CareFirst Mental Health Line: 1-800-245-7013

Kaiser Mental Health Line: 1-866-530-8778

Additional Resources:

Social Distance - Wellness Tips

Kaiser Wellness Portal is Officially UP!

CareFirst Share Care Fitness Program

Quarantine Survival With Kids


Managing Anxiety While in Quarantine


CareFirst My Account  

Kaiser My Account 

Absence Manager 

Guardian Anytime 




NonStop Wellness