Your Rights


All patients will receive quality medical services by
trained professionals in an appropriate health care
setting. Patients will be treated with dignity and
respect by all staff and all services will be delivered
with sensitivity to differences in language, culture and
personal values and beliefs. Patients have a right to:

  1. Confidential medical advice and treatment.Patient’s medical information will be released only in compliance with the law.
  2. Privacy while receiving care.
  3. Receive clinical evaluation, diagnostic testing,treatment and appropriate follow-up care and/or referral.
  4. Have medical conditions, medications and treatments thoroughly explained and discussed in appropriate language for lay persons to understand.
  5. Consent to OR refuse testing, medications and treatment.
  6. Pre- and post-test counseling for HIV testing.
  7. Refuse to participate in research projects. If you do participate, you have the right to a complete explanation of the purpose and use of the research information and to withdraw from the project at anytime.
  8. Information about patients’ rights and responsibilities and the organization’s code of ethical behavior.
  9. Information concerning resolution of patient complaints.
  10. Have family members participate in your health care decisions.
  11. Designate a surrogate decision maker for health care decisions.
  12. Information about fee schedules and payment policies.
  13. Know the rules of behavior in all Unity Health Care,Inc. settings.
  14. Appeal termination of services through the Health Center Director of each health center.
  15. Security of self and property.
  16. The right to physical access to the health center regardless of physical impairment.

All patients have the right to present grievances, verbally
or in writing, either to the Health Center Director or
supervisor, who will respond directly. If the patient feels
that their grievance has not been addressed to their
satisfaction at the health center, they can call Call 202-
238-4248 for resolution. 

Your Responsibilities 


All patients have certain responsibilities to Unity Health
Care, Inc. in order to help us provide the best possible
care for each patient. Patients have a responsibility to:

  1. Treat staff members and other patients within the
    health center with dignity and respect at all times.
  2. Maintain continuity with an assigned provider rather
    than the walk-in system except when you are in need
    of immediate care.
  3. Keep your scheduled appointments. When this is
    impossible, you have a responsibility to notify the clinic
    and reschedule your appointment.
  4. Inform staff and provide the health center with written
    authorization to contact other physicians and clinics
    where you have received treatment. This will enable
    the staff to obtain previous medical history and
    render treatment that is more effective.
  5. Raise questions about instructions that are given to
    you. If for any reason you feel you cannot comply
    with the instructions, speak with a staff member right
  6. Furnish the health center with your complete current
    home and email address and phone number and
    update it whenever there are changes.
  7. Provide complete and truthful information to
    enrollment and to medical services to make certain
    that the information you give for inclusion in your
    medical record is accurate and complete.
  8. Provide accurate information to Unity staff regarding
    entitlements (e.g. Medicaid, Medicare) or other third
    party insurance coverage that you have in order to
    enable Unity to bill appropriately.
  9. Utilize electronic means such as the patient
    portal when appropriate to obtain lab results and
    communicate with the health center.