• Unity Health Care is Expanding COVID-19 Testing to Help Reduce Further Spread in the Community

    To further meet the urgent needs of the community and the District, Unity Health Care (Unity) is expanding COVID-19 testing with a focus on identifying new cases to help reduce further spread of the virus. The expansion of testing services is particularly important to patients and residents as businesses and organizations across the District prepare to re-open.

    As part of our broadened strategy to limit the spread of the virus, we are expanding testing for any patients with mild symptoms and asymptomatic individuals in higher risk groups, including frontline healthcare personnel through the use of rapid respiratory evaluation clinics at our Anacostia, Brentwood, Minnesota Avenue, Parkside, and Upper Cardozo Health Centers. We are also performing outreach testing in coordination with the Department of Health at Greenleaf Gardens Apartment and Columbia Heights Educational Campus on Tuesday, May 26th and Friday, May 29th.

    “COVID-19 has challenged all health care providers to adapt to new and different ways of serving patients, I am so proud of the Unity staff, who in the midst of a pandemic, continue to provide the highest quality care to vulnerable patients – consistent with our 35 years of service for the residents of the District of Columbia,” states Vincent Keane, Unity Health Care President and CEO.

    Unity aims to provide accessible testing for all in the community by remaining open in the evening and on Saturdays and widening our capacity to serve nearly 1,500 patients a week through our rapid evaluation locations.

    In addition to expanded testing capacity, Unity continues to provide enhanced services to vulnerable residents in partnership with the District of Columbia Department of Human Services (DHS). Through this partnership, our multi-disciplinary teams are providing COVID-19 medical assessments and outpatient care to individuals experiencing homelessness at designated Isolation and Quarantine (ISAQ) and Pandemic Emergency Program for Highly Vulnerable Populations (PEPV) sites and to residents of the DC Department of Corrections (DOC).

    Additionally, we continue to welcome new patients, providing a medical home for those most in need to receive care and services with respect.

    As the largest network of community health centers in the D.C., Unity has been uniquely positioned to serve on the front lines of caring for patients, residents, and those in vulnerable circumstances during the coronavirus pandemic. Residents who meet the expanded testing criteria can call our patient scheduling team at (202) 469-4699 to make an appointment.