• Unity Health Care Announces New Logo and Website Launch

    WASHINGTON, DC – July 19, 2018 – Unity Health Care (Unity), the largest network of community health centers in the District, today announced the official launch of its new organizational rebrand and redesigned website, Unity’s rebrand highlights the tremendous growth and change within the organization, which now serves over 100,000 patients annually with more than 20 traditional and non-traditional health care sites.

    The new logo and tagline – Healthier You. Healthier Communities, underscore Unity’s commitment to creating inclusive and innovative services and programs that transform the health care experience while focusing on expanding access to care to local community members. The new look reflects Unity’s identity of family, community, the patient-provider relationship, and commitment to access to quality patient care no matter where they live or how much money they make.  

    The new logo also helps represent Unity’s commitment to providing the community with investments in the following services:

    • Electronic medical records
    • Telemedicine visits with specialists
    • Partnerships with area hospitals to increase access for patients
    • On-site pharmacies

    This branding change is part of a larger transformation of Unity Health Care and aims to highlight our role in the future of health care, while keeping true to our core strengths of serving the people in our communities,” said Vincent A. Keane, President and CEO of Unity Health Care. “I hope the community is as excited as I am about the future of our organization as we continue our work to become more efficient in our patient care and accessible to the community we serve.”